Access-To-MySQL 5.5

Switch an Access database onto MySQL

Access-to-MySQL is a powerful and reliable tool to migrate Microsoft Access databases to MySQL server.

Access-to-MySQL is a tool to migrate Microsoft Access databases to MySQL server. Command line support allows to script, automate and schedule the conversion process. Main features:

- All versions of MS Access are supported;

- All versions of Unix and Windows MySQL servers are supported;

- Converts relationships between tables;

- Converts MS Access queries into MySQL views;

- Option to convert partial data using SELECT-queries;

- Stores conversion settings into profile;

- Option to synchronize MySQL database with MS Access data;

- Option to export MS Access data into MySQL dump file

The program has high performance due to direct connection to source and destination databases (it does not use ODBC or any other middleware software). Rich set of features. Unlimited 24/7 support service. 1-year subscription for updates.

Target audience of Access-to-MySQL is: database administrators, data analysts, experienced PC users dealing with databases



Access-To-MySQL 5.5

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